Jumaat, 17 Februari 2012

**good or bad news**ehmmmm

I don't know what could i say..

Today i teach my student as usual, only Edwin coz Mimi got flu..

I teach him hardly...ommo..he doesn't know anything..ommo..i just explain about Nouns and Pronouns, and today i give more example sentence to him. but when i ask him to answer my question, still not know...ommo..i know he is a kind student, just slow person....:-(

So i told myself i must teach him until he know and more knowledgable..actually i'm not fluently in English but i still have a self confident...:-)

now about a good news and bad news..

my aunt call me by Phone, she was told that i got a Job as an Arabic Lecturer at UMS that i ever applied it last year. So i must meet my Boss next week on Monday.

so now..i don't know if this is a good news or bad news..coz i still love my job now as English Teacher. ehmmm...i love my students..

haizzzss....aegyoo..what should i do...actully i am happy for this news...sad coz i'll stop my current job...huhuhuhuhu..anyway ..FIGHTING!!!!!!!

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